Dear friends of Wikimedia Kenya!

I am looking forward meeting some of you in Berlin in two weeks - at the
Wikimedia Conference aka. Chapters Meeting.

Since 2009 some chapter representatives have been thinking about how to
better improve the collaboration between chapters and how the governance
of Wikimedia Chapters should work without being too dependant on the
Wikimedia Foundation and their will.

Since the end of 2011 a plan has been created and discussed how we could
achieve this by having a "Chapters Council", an association which acts
as a common body of all chapters which want to become a member. Within
this council chapter representatives would discuss and decide together
on inter-chapter topics.

The discussion is going on in Meta wiki:

At the Finance Meeting in Paris by the end of February we discussed that
we want to take the opportunity and move forward so we can decide on the
Chapters Council in Berlin.

This includes that chapter representatives discuss the topic with their
members and boards and take a decision whether they want to support and
be part of the Chapters Association or not (yet). Important for the
discussions in Berlin is that the chapter representatives have a mandate
to discuss the charta there and be able to make official statements on
behalf of their chapter.

I know that Wikimedia Kenya doesn't have a board yet but I hope that you
will have the time to discuss the topic and participate at the
discussions in Berlin.

If this is not possible or too early for you to decide - no problem.
Chapters can always decide to join later after they have observed the
process and developed themselves.

At least I want to make sure that we don't leave you behind and catch
you by surprise when you encounter this discussion in Berlin. And of
course it is helpful to the establishment of the new association if we
have the support by many chapters.

Here is a list of supporting chapters and their official statements:

As you see you can also stay neutral or even oppose the idea. That's
perfectly ok.

Manuel Schneider

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Wikimedia CH - Association for the advancement of free knowledge

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