Great, looking forward to it.

A small observation, the bios page has 7 candidates, I would like to
request Isaac to remove his bio from the top of the page since he was among
the last ones to post his bio, let Ann's which was the first to be posted
remain on top.

I know this is simply a formatting issue but to me, it goes back to portray
other values in a person. It can easily be translated as self appointed
dominance, which is not fair or democratic and is not a leadership value.


On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 9:40 AM, cliff argwings <>wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> So yesterday, the Electoral team met finalize on the arrangements for the
> forthcoming board elections to be held on Saturday, 31st March - 2012.
> Below are the key
> points to note -:
> 1. The elections date remains as announced earlier on, 31 - 03 - 2012,
> beginning from
> 12 noon.
> 2. Voting by Proxy still allowed in any case need might be. The person who
> wants
> to vote by Proxy has to therefore mention his proxy before the due date and
> send them with the necessary requirements for the voting process.
> 3. All contestants registered will be allowed to take part as candidates.
> No one
> will be disqualified as far as eligibility is concerned for their
> candidature, unless
> otherwise proven!
> 4. For the Q & A session, the electoral team welcomes all questions
> starting
> today, an official compilation of the questions will be sent out today as
> well.
> The session will run through Thursday till Friday.
> 5. Friday is a 'Free Day'!  We'll be taking any views and comments with
> regards
> to the Elections process!
> Lastly we'd like to invite everyone to come and be part of this Great
> History in the
> making, 'The First Board Elections - WMKE Chapter' !
> Warm Regards,
> //Cliff
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