> Please respond to the question below:
> Can you describe a time --either in your Wikimedia work or elsewhere-- in
> which you were able to help people with strongly-different views reach a
> successful outcome on an important issue, via a consensus-seeking process?
> (Abbas)
> Answer by David Mugo: I have had a few of those throughout my career but
one that clearly seems relevant to this the most is a situation where two
of my friends who co-owned a company had to close down the business and go
separate ways and they had to split running business accounts and they
fought over one huge account. Each one of them wanted to keep that account
and I came in to try and assist resolve the matter because it was
threatening to even end their friendship. My solution was simple, they
moved all other accounts to individual businesses but kept the old company
for the sake of that one account, which meant they remained partners on
that one business. Eventually, after about a year, they were both back to
the partnership, they both closed the other businesses to continue with the
partnership, it made them realize that they needed each other and their
disagreement was just a selfish moment for each. Today it is one of the
most promising IT companies in Nairobi.

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