Fellow Wikipedians,

I am humbled to take up the chairmanship of the first board of Wikimedia
Kenya. It is a historic board and I am truly honored to be part of this. It
comes with great responsibility and there is a great road ahead. I intend
to make it worthwhile and make a mark within this first year.

The main challenge for the first board is to try and create partnerships
that will enable us move our goals and achieve them. We shall need to work
together to reach these goals. We are targeting NGOs, Private Institutions,
Government Bodies and other institutions focused on growing local content
on the web. Please share your ideas on how best we can get to these goals.

As a structure, all projects will be supervised by the board through Alex,
who is the projects manager, so all existing team leaders on different
projects please work out a structure through Alex. If you have new ideas
for new projects, let us share and see the best way forward.

Again, this is the first board, we are all a team. We need to recruit more
members, editors and volunteers on specific projects. Let us grow the

We shall run operations through committees that will oversee specific tasks
and I would like to propose a first committee that will spearhead the
growth of the Swahili Wikipedia. We need the Tanzanian community in this
and we need to create more presence of Tanzanians in this chapter.

While we are the Kenyan chapter, it is important to realize that we have a
responsibility that runs across the continent, especially the region.

David Mugo,
Board Chairman, Wikimedia Kenya.
Twitter: @raidarmax
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