Hey all,

Building up on what Mugo said, I'll be coordinating projects by wmke .
I'm currently working on a structure we could adopt to facilitate the
needs of project leads/volunteers and will be sharing a preliminary of
the same soon on this list for some feedback and refinement.

I understand that I was also tasked (during our last chapter meetup)
with coming up with a program to assist new members / volunteers who
join us. I'm, working on this also and hope to get some feedback once
I have something concrete to report.

I'll write again real soon with timelines for both. In the meantime,
You are most welcomed to shoot out some pointers/suggestions you may


On 4/16/12, David Mugo <raidar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Fellow Wikipedians,
> I am humbled to take up the chairmanship of the first board of Wikimedia
> Kenya. It is a historic board and I am truly honored to be part of this. It
> comes with great responsibility and there is a great road ahead. I intend
> to make it worthwhile and make a mark within this first year.
> The main challenge for the first board is to try and create partnerships
> that will enable us move our goals and achieve them. We shall need to work
> together to reach these goals. We are targeting NGOs, Private Institutions,
> Government Bodies and other institutions focused on growing local content
> on the web. Please share your ideas on how best we can get to these goals.
> As a structure, all projects will be supervised by the board through Alex,
> who is the projects manager, so all existing team leaders on different
> projects please work out a structure through Alex. If you have new ideas
> for new projects, let us share and see the best way forward.
> Again, this is the first board, we are all a team. We need to recruit more
> members, editors and volunteers on specific projects. Let us grow the
> community.
> We shall run operations through committees that will oversee specific tasks
> and I would like to propose a first committee that will spearhead the
> growth of the Swahili Wikipedia. We need the Tanzanian community in this
> and we need to create more presence of Tanzanians in this chapter.
> While we are the Kenyan chapter, it is important to realize that we have a
> responsibility that runs across the continent, especially the region.
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> David Mugo,
> Board Chairman, Wikimedia Kenya.
> Twitter: @raidarmax

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