Being an election year here in Kenya I took it upon me to watch some
politicians pages especially for those who have declared that they would be
running for the top seat (presidency).

I have noted that some guys have been vandalizing some of the pages with
propaganda and malicious wording. These vandals have been doing this
anonymously and the only trails they leave is the IP addresses.

For instance, how does one put in Kalonzo Musyoka's article that the link
to his homepage is musaliamudavadi.com?See [1] below.

Wikipedia should be neutral as it always has been. Orange Kenya just
launched Wikipedia Zero and the citizenry will definitely want to look for
local content on Wikipedia, and top among them will be the presidential
hopefuls due the political heat in the country. If they come across such a
silly and malicious mistake then the reputation of Wikipedia will
definitely be tarnished or it would lose respect.

To that end, we need to lay down measures to prevent this from happening
now and in the future. The Wikimedia Foundation is trying to penetrate the
global south and gaining trust is key to this success.


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