My reply follows your email.

> sounds like good news! Having an official list is progress definitely -
> good work!

Thank you Lodewijk.

I would like to note however that in most countries, the amount of
> monuments is higher - to make it really easy for any potential participant
> to find a monument nearby. I do understand however that this is different
> in Kenya - which is too bad but that is life. With 277 monuments it should
> be very doable to get a photo of every single one of them. The question
> that we discussed in Berlin seems most important to answer first: is the
> topic 'monuments' interesting enough for Kenyans to participate in such a
> photo contest?

IMO, the topic monuments is interesting enough because  from the list that
we acquired we also learnt of new monuments that we never knew were
demarcated** as sites and monuments! just as you and Tomasz told us in
Berlin. And barely 10 of this are on commons so we have an assignment there
plus there are no articles about most of them yet there is info off-line
stored by the museum about them. The museum (from which we fetched the
list) was willing to give this information at the time we needed it. First
things first though, of the 277, only ~100 are in Nairobi which is the city
in which Wikimedia Kenya's activities are centered. Moreover, most if not
all members of Wikimedia Kenya reside near Nairobi where these monuments
are located. We can cover the whole 100 before we look into the remaining
on the list because some of them are located 500+ kilometers from Nairobi
which would be almost impossible to cover for now since we also a small
team of active members.

Our deliberations at a previous board meeting, was the possibility of doing
a Wiki Takes Universities whereby university students would compete to have
the best features of their universities on commons, be it reputable lecture
halls for distinct reasons, monuments inside the university, outstanding
structures in the University etc etc

> If you would still like to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, I would
> like to urge you however to start as soon as possible with the
> organization. It is already June (well, almost) and that leaves only three
> months before the actual contest starts.

Yes, we are behind schedule, just making sure we upholding the African
timers <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_time> rule;)

Besides that, I have been connecting some dots here and there from our
previous Wikipedia Takes Nairobi
come up with our commons planning page
is under construction. We also had created a facebook fan-page for
Wikipedia Takes Nairobi which we can re-use. I understand we need to move
to wikilovesmonuments.co.ke which is not yet set or planned yet.

The Monuments list<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sites_and_monuments_in_Kenya>is
also coming up on Wikipedia with requested photos tags.

If there's any way we can help you, please let me know.

Respond to this email:)

> Thats the progress AFAIK, in case I have left something out (which is
unlikely) highlight it here.As you all have noted there is dire need to
give a little more attention to this subject if at all we are to
participate in WLM 2012 edition in September which is 78 days away.
Interested parties to that project can add their names

A hopeful,

> 2012/5/29 Ann Njeri <njeria...@gmail.com>
>> Good Job Alex and Steve,
>> maybe the members could also get started on getting those pictures of the
>> monuments or we could go ahead and start the competition really soon... 277
>> seems more than enough to me...
>>  On Tue, ay 29, 2012 at 8:38 AM, Alex Wafula <xelaw...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  Hi all,
>>> So as a build up from action items on Saturday's meetup, We've (Steve
>>> and I) managed to get a list of sites and monuments from the National
>>> Museums of Kenya <http://www.museums.or.ke/> totaling up to around 277
>>> throughout Kenya.
>>> Now the list comprises of gazetted sites and monuments meaning they are
>>> legally recognized and protected. From our discussions with the Museum's
>>> directorate of sites and monuments, there are other un -
>>> gazetted/"discovered" monuments going to the thousand that the museum is
>>> working to get on their list. The Museum also has documentation of several
>>> of the items on the list so getti articles once we hace pictures is also a
>>> high potential
>>> So the question remains is whether we have enough to proceed with
>>> organizing a Wiki Loves Monnuments competition. Though I think whether or
>>> not we do, we should still have a goal of getting items on the list on
>>> Commons and Wikipedia.
>>> cheers,
>>> Alex
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