I am in the process of migrating the site to a new host after we agreed
that we could not afford the current hosting. We are paying roughly $100
per year. I will be able to finalize with the process and test within the
next few days.


On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Manuel Schneider <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Am 17.06.2012 07:38, schrieb Limoke Oscar:
> > I love the idea of a blog but however qm skeptical we need one.We
> > already have a wiki website that we  still struggle to update and
> > which could serve as a portal and blog for informing the whole world
> > about us. Am sure if we start a blog, we might just as well be
> > duplicating content from our wiki....just my 2cents
> allow me to chime in for a moment.
> Technically, we can set up on your website whatever you need and add
> so-called "subdomains", for instance:
> * - a website, built with a blog software such as
> Wordpress or Drupal
> * - current wiki, used for members to publish
> reports, document / manage projects, work on concepts etc.
> * - closed wiki for the board to be able to
> discuss internal issues, develop resolutions, internal documentation
> such as passwords of mailinglists, websites and wikis, bank details etc.
> * <projectname> - specific wikis for bigger projects,
> can be public or only disclosed to a specific project team
> the wikis can all be integrated into the members wiki by using the same
> user database and user preferences, so everybody just needs one account
> and based on the user role she or he can access specific wikis or not.
> For smaller chapters I have seen wikis as websites for a while, we also
> did that for Wikimedia CH and I think Wikimedia Sweden and Wikimedia
> Israel still do that.
> On the other hand both Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia Austria at one point
> decided to have a "real" website, both are using Drupal now.
> I think it is correct to argument about the ability to update the
> website - does an association already have so much information and
> therefore a need for a website?
> Better start low and grow bigger as your association and the needs grow.
> The Drupal website has another side-effect: Several Wikimedia chapters
> use it for CiviCRM, which is a module on top of Drupal. We maintain our
> contacts, finances, event registrations etc. withing CiviCRM. So the
> website and the central contact management system is basically the same
> thing.
> You can always start by using the current wiki / website as your
> website, add Drupal CiviCRM later as you need it, build a new website
> based on Drupal, once it is ready we move the wiki to the "members"
> subdomain and move Drupal to We are flexible with
> that.
> Regards,
> Manuel
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> Manuel Schneider
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