That will be a great thing although you still need to come to Kenya. I am
still in the US until 30th July, maybe you can ship it to my Chicago
address, let me know if I should share it with you.

The team can creatively use it in a few of the upcoming projects.

We can also get stories on your behalf if we have guidelines.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 1:30 AM, Victor Grigas <>wrote:

> Hello Wikimedia Kenya,
> So a week ago at Wikimania, my team's goal was to interview as many
> Wikipedians as possible on video, and I can't believe it but we actually
> did it. We recorded around 100 on-camera interviews from editors from all
> over the world. Now we have to begin the post-production process. (It was
> good to meet a few of you in person too).
> I regret to say that since Wikimania, AGAIN my priorities have to shift
> from coming to Kenya -- to editing this video. There is a lot of footage to
> go through and only so much time to get it done correctly if it is going to
> play by the fundraiser.
> That said, I feel I owe the Kenyan chapter some kind of a favor for all
> your patience. What I have is a Canon XA-10 professional 
> camcorder<>that
>  I won't be using while I'm editing the Wikimania interview footage. I
> could loan it to the chapter for some time and let you decide how best to
> use it. It's a very compact, high-quality camera that is very easy to learn
> to use. It records on high-speed SD cards and can record for hours and
> hours at a time. I would be happy to help with any questions you may have
> about operating it or editing / manipulating footage from it. Please let me
> know if the chapter could use a camera like this for some time, and I will
> ship it immediately.
> I'd like to thank you for all your patience with me, I don't want to
> promise anything I can't deliver on - but I can say that I want to talk to
> all of you and hope I can be of service soon. Also if there is anything
> else I can do while I'm editing footage, please let me know.
> Victor Grigas
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