Hello Victor,

Thank you so much for generous offer. WMKLE just joined the bandwagon on
Wiki Loves Monuments and your CamCorder would come in handy as we plan on
making as much oral and video recordings as possible. This should be very

Thank you so much once again.

On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 1:30 AM, Victor Grigas <vgri...@wikimedia.org>wrote:

> Hello Wikimedia Kenya,
> So a week ago at Wikimania, my team's goal was to interview as many
> Wikipedians as possible on video, and I can't believe it but we actually
> did it. We recorded around 100 on-camera interviews from editors from all
> over the world. Now we have to begin the post-production process. (It was
> good to meet a few of you in person too).
> I regret to say that since Wikimania, AGAIN my priorities have to shift
> from coming to Kenya -- to editing this video. There is a lot of footage to
> go through and only so much time to get it done correctly if it is going to
> play by the fundraiser.
> That said, I feel I owe the Kenyan chapter some kind of a favor for all
> your patience. What I have is a Canon XA-10 professional 
> camcorder<http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/camcorders/professional_camcorders/xa10/>that
>  I won't be using while I'm editing the Wikimania interview footage. I
> could loan it to the chapter for some time and let you decide how best to
> use it. It's a very compact, high-quality camera that is very easy to learn
> to use. It records on high-speed SD cards and can record for hours and
> hours at a time. I would be happy to help with any questions you may have
> about operating it or editing / manipulating footage from it. Please let me
> know if the chapter could use a camera like this for some time, and I will
> ship it immediately.
> I'd like to thank you for all your patience with me, I don't want to
> promise anything I can't deliver on - but I can say that I want to talk to
> all of you and hope I can be of service soon. Also if there is anything
> else I can do while I'm editing footage, please let me know.
> Victor Grigas
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