Thats tremendous progress Abbas!

Some things we can do in return as Wikimedia volunteers:

*Perform digital image restorations for free.

*DYK's (Did You Knows) are also a good way on Wiki to tell the world
of that unique piece of photo we have in Kenya.

*Write articles around the media files /photos

*Almost certain(since I can't speak on behalf) that the Foundation
shall put up a blog entry highlighting the donations.

*And the recent punchline by the US Archivist ,David Ferriero;

: "If Wikipedia is good enough for the Archivist of the United States,
maybe it should be good enough for you."

Twende mbele.


On 8/2/12, Abbas Mahmood <> wrote:
> Sorry, the earlier report had some minor corrections. Below is a rectified
> version.
> Thanks,Abbas.
> From:
> To:
> Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 09:33:48 +0000
> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Kenya News Agency archive
> Report: Digitization of the Kenya News Agency Archive Prepared by: Abbas
> MahmoodPrepared for: Wikimedia KenyaDate: August 2, 2012Background & Context
> I was invited to join a digitization working group created by the Kenya News
> Agency & the Kenya ICT Board that was aimed at laying a strategy for the
> digitization of KNA's content. Last week, the working group had our first
> meeting, and my main goals were to 1) talk about non-commercial use of
> content, 2) use the Aljazeera Creative Commons Repository as a case study,
> and 3) learn from other stakeholders that were involved.
>  KNA has a repository of (mainly) photos (6,000+) related to Kenya’s history
> and culture dating back to the pre-colonial era. But due to budgetary
> constraints, the photos are stored in non-ideal conditions and their risk of
> damage or deterioration is therefore high. Moreover, their content is
> currently underutilised due the difficulty in retrieving the photos and lack
> of public awareness.
> The working group has around 20 members with folks coming from different
> backgrounds: studio producers, film makers, Kenya National Archives staff,
> AMREF Library staff, Bank of Africa staff, Creative Commons staff, freelance
> photojournalists, Ministry of Information & Communication staff, Kenya ICT
> Board staff and myself.
> Summary
> It was agreed that one of the potential customers of this project will be
> Wikipedia; and that some of the content will be donated to Wikimedia under a
> free licence. (Note that the digitized repository will be used for
> commercial purposes, but we’ll get a small content donation for purposes of
> publicity and awareness).
> Also, some of the photos that KNA has are caption-less or lack the relevant
> metadata. It was suggested that we(the working group) explore the use of
> online collaboration (such as wikis or social media) to engage with the
> public and inquire about photos which don’t have known descriptions. We
> therefore expect citizen engagement to help us in identifying some of the
> photos.
> [We discussed lots of other issues which I have intentionally omitted since
> 1) the final report is not out yet; and 2) it’s not relevant to you guys.]
> Conclusion
> We are now creating a proposed roadmap on the way forward which will be
> presented, next week, to the Permanent Secretary of Information &
> Communication, Dr. Bitange Ndemo, for final approval before we proceed with
> this project.
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