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> Thats tremendous progress Abbas!

Yes, thanks, Abbas, for this report, and I applaud your decision to share
it in this manner with the WMKE membership!

One point I'd like to highlight is that we should be quick to offer mass
volunteer effort _for the commercial repository_.  We should generally
stand for the principle of "cultural artifacts created with public funds
should belong (and be made accessible) to the public", and (at least
somewhat) resist the commercialization of these old photos.  We should also
remind everyone that at least the pre-colonial ones are no doubt out of
copyright and _do_ in fact belong to the public.

Of course, if it's either a commercial repository or no digitization at
all, it's certainly better to have a commercial repository, to at least
ensure the survival of this material given the deterioration of the
physical sources.  But it is not in our interests to provide free labor to
commercial enterprises.

One way to go about it would be to do our best with the "small subset" of
images that would be donated to Wikimedia, per Stephen's excellent
suggestions quoted below.  After a while, we could present glowing results
with the small subset -- improved metadata, dating, setting in context,
etc., -- and contrast them with the inert digital objects in the commercial
repository.  Perhaps that would make our point and convince decision-makers
to free up additional content.



> Some things we can do in return as Wikimedia volunteers:
> *Perform digital image restorations for free.
> *DYK's (Did You Knows) are also a good way on Wiki to tell the world
> of that unique piece of photo we have in Kenya.
> *Write articles around the media files /photos
> *Almost certain(since I can't speak on behalf) that the Foundation
> shall put up a blog entry highlighting the donations.
> *And the recent punchline by the US Archivist ,David Ferriero;
> : "If Wikipedia is good enough for the Archivist of the United States,
> maybe it should be good enough for you."
> Twende mbele.
> //Stephen.

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