Hey guys,


Today, I’ve had a look at the Gĩkũyũ dictionary which Steve started some
time ago on Wikimedia’s incubator. I’ve put up some categories and templates
so the dictionary is ready to be populated now. If you’re so inclined,
please have a look at the structure of a dictionary entry like
http://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wt/ki/guoko and follow the same.

Btw, if you need to write tildes over i and u (ie. ĩ and ũ) on ordinary
keyboards, you may want to download the Firefox app at http://accentuate.us
<http://accentuate.us/>  which supports Kikuyu. You can then write a text
with an ordinary keyboard, highlight all or the part of the text which is
Kikuyu and with a right click, all the necessary tildes will automatically
appear (accuracy of 95%).


Yours for the under-represented languages on the web,



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