Hi Itzik,
I am really sorry for the frustration -- too bad the process has been dragging 
more than expected.
Unfortunately, I am no longer with Wikimedia Kenya. I have cc-ed the WMKE 
mailing list and hopefully, someone from the Chapter can give you an official 

From: it...@infra.co.il
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 02:38:38 +0300
Subject: Calling for WCA meeting
To: abbas...@hotmail.com

Hi Abbas,

As you can see on the chapters mailing list, since our last meeting during 
Wikimania, there wasn't even one email on the list about what going on next 
with the WCA.

According to each committee schedule, before 23 days, on July 31, the members 
should have see the outcomes, and vote on that on a week from now - on Aug 31. 


It didn't happen. none of it.
Until now the committee, the SG and the DSG didn't even update about our next 
steps, for over a month.
We talking too much about this associations, for too long. Many of the chapters 
will need to select if to include supporting of the WCA in their budget that 
they going to send in the next few days to the FDC for approval and nothing had 
been talk about that yet. How can we have a WCA running next year if none of 
the chapters will allocated money to support him? how they will allocated money 
without budget or wide aggrement about the amount of the money?

According to the charter, by the request of fifth of the members (mean 6 
members), we can call to online meeting of the council. I'm asking if your 
chapter will supprt having such online meeting ASAP to get status and decide 
what next.

Thanks,Itzik, WMIL

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