There's  a manual that Sam did last year, it should be om the offline page
on meta, i'll dig up a link for you

On Sep 11, 2012 10:07 AM, "dennis munene" <> wrote:

>  Hi,
> i hope this finds you all well, last week i got a call from Dr Martin
> Njoroge, [our contact person at Kenyatta University] requesting for the
> offline wikipedia that he intended to give to his students taking a masters
> degree most of who are teachers at high schools. I was able to make 50
> copies on dvd with both the kiwix application and the offline wikipedia.
> On the day i was to give the students an illustration of how to install
> and use the kiwix application, something came up and i wasn't able to do it
> then. Sadly, they were going back home that evening. I was planning to come
> up with a text document illustrating how to install and use the kiwix app
> but i needed to first know if there's any available.. [preferably a video..
> i've tried searching for on on youtube but the closest i got was this 
> yours,
> dennis munene.
> <>
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