2008/11/28 Andrew Turvey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I was having a think about this project and I wondered what the nascent UK
> chapter could easily do to help out for this. Two ideas sprang to mind:
> 1) Looking at Wikipedia Loves Art on flikr, it mentions "Teams with the most
> points at the end of the month will get cool prizes"
> (http://www.flickr.com/groups/wikipedia_loves_art/). Could/should Wiki UK
> maybe put up a prize for the best team at the Victoria & Albert? Say budget
> £50 and get a gift (somthing like this maybe:
> http://www.vandashop.com/product.php?xProd=142&s=1 with a message from the
> chapter?)
> 2) Alternatively, if we arranged a particular day where a group of
> wikipedians went down to capture images from the V&A, could we maybe do
> something where we had a reception and served coffee and sandwiches to
> people who had come down for it?
> Has anyone done anythign like this before? Do you know what kind of thing
> would work?

Both those ideas involve spending money. How about we stick to plans
that don't involve money until we actually have some?
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