From my understanding of the situation, the most basic thing we can  
do is to act as a link between the Museum(s) and Wikipedia/et al., to  
make sure that the fledgling alliance between the two does well and  
continues in the future, and that there are no misunderstandings. We  
could also get more museums or other collections involved (e.g.  
perhaps historical houses?), and do our best to raise the profile of  
the event, to maximise the number of people who get involved, and  
also those that hear about it (e.g. put it in the newsletter, mention  
it around the wikis where UK-based people hang out, possibly even get  
it mentioned in the press, magazines, etc.) There is a lot that can  
be done just with the expenditure of time, without requiring finances.

That said, I like your ideas, but with some modifications. It would  
be better if we could find someone to provide a prize, rather than  
purchase and provide one ourselves - for example, is there an art  
print shop that would consider providing some prints? It might be  
good to focus things on a single day (whilst stressing that the event  
is continuing over a month); for example, have a launch day for the  

First and foremost, though, we should get in contact with the  
Victoria and Albert museum, and ask if there's anything we can do to  
help, ask if they have any questions about how the project will run,  
find out what resources they will be committing to the project, find  
out whether they'll allow tripods, etc. The most important thing is  
to start talking with them.


On 28 Nov 2008, at 23:26, Andrew Turvey wrote:

> I was having a think about this project and I wondered what the  
> nascent UK chapter could easily do to help out for this. Two ideas  
> sprang to mind:
> 1) Looking at Wikipedia Loves Art on flikr, it mentions "Teams with  
> the most points at the end of the month will get cool  
> prizes" ( Could/ 
> should Wiki UK maybe put up a prize for the best team at the  
> Victoria & Albert? Say budget £50 and get a gift (somthing like  
> this maybe: with  
> a message from the chapter?)
> 2) Alternatively, if we arranged a particular day where a group of  
> wikipedians went down to capture images from the V&A, could we  
> maybe do something where we had a reception and served coffee and  
> sandwiches to people who had come down for it?
> Has anyone done anythign like this before? Do you know what kind of  
> thing would work?
> Andrew
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