Surely the chapter is about the promotion of Wikimedia in the UK, raising
awareness of our projects and supporting the wider projects of WMF.  I don't
see a link between SPs on Wikipedia (and or other projects) whose disruption
is essentially behind a computer screen and who wish to engineer splits
between editors by subtle and unsubtle tactics that can only work on
collective projects.

*Sociétés or Limited Companies are bound up in legislation not policies and
guidelines. The law, memorandum, constitution and resolutions* define what
WMFUK2 is and I doubt that any SP is remotely interested in being involved.

As for giving my WMF usernames out, I certainly would be reluctant.  I have
had three, I have never been banned or blocked and don't think I have had a
test-1 even.  I have left en-wikipedia twice, once because a wp project
"leader" accused me of fabricating a reference because I had hosted a phd
thesis on my own "porn" site; The second time because I had unfortunately
started afresh too soon after my RTL and carried some of the baggage and now
much saner and wiser in a state of non-editing. There are no smoke and
mirrors, I think that anybody with a an hour on their hands could probably
check through the enwiki-l archives and find all of my past personas.

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