On Mon, December 1, 2008 08:03, James wrote:
> Manchester or Birmingham would be a good bet I think - nice and central to
> the whole UK, so everyone can get there without travelling too far.

Locations can be so problematic though. I went to the founding meeting of
a national organisation years ago which was held in Manchester (Salford,
in fact) because "it was central and fairer to people attending from all
over the UK".

Turned out though that *everyone* attending had come up on the train from
Euston (though I'd got on at Watford) which meant that after the time that
had been booked at the venue we carried on on the return train to London
and then in the facilities at Euston for another few hours too!

Whilst not wishing to suggest that London would 'automatically' be the
best venue on the grounds of easy and fast access from all directions,
getting a pre-indication of who might be most likely to attend and how
their finances / timings are for getting to the possible locations might
be useful (the graph exercise in reducing the overall cost by selection of
location is left as an exercise for the student).


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