Just thought Id let you guys know the response from the oxford flickr group was 
excellent. They are more than willing for me to use their images so long as i 
give the taker a heads up, and some are willing to relicense under cc by sa for 
and even had an offer for assistance on a tour guide. Given how active this 
group is, there may be possibilities of more work between us for the future 
with wikimaniaand i think this is a very healthy partnership. The thought 
crossed my mind that it might be worth getting in touch with the london group 
with regards to the wikipedia loves art venture. I will look towards doing this 
later today.  Seddon

From: thomas.hol...@gmail.comto: life_is_bitter_sw...@hotmail.co.uksubject: RE: 
[Wikimediauk-l] Wikimania Ideas - Flicker Oxford team upDate: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 
12:52:43 +0000

Go ahead. Seems like a good idea. You really don’t need to ask permission for 
such things.

From: wikimediauk-l-boun...@lists.wikimedia.org 
[mailto:wikimediauk-l-boun...@lists.wikimedia.org] On Behalf Of joseph 
seddonSent: 06 December 2008 19:39To: wikimediau...@wikimedia.orgsubject: 
[Wikimediauk-l] Wikimania Ideas - Flicker Oxford team up
Heya guys, Whilst looking for some interesting photo's I stumbled accross a 
flicker group from oxford, they are very active it seems, they hold meet ups 
and are looking into running an exhibition next year. I think that it is of 
vital importance that we get in touch with these people and see whether they 
would be interested in getting involved in some way with the wikimania bid. 
Vice versa it could worthwhile to see if there is anyway we can assist them 
with thier exhibition. I know we have alot on our plate in terms of getting up 
and running but I think that we have a damn good chance of a successful bid and 
I would like to get hold of as many opportunities. Sedddon

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