I am not suggesting that WMUK do anything about this whatsoever.

However, I do suggest that all readers of this list try the pages and
share the results they get (and their ISP).

More specifically, if you're on any of:

* Be/O2/Telefonica
* Virgin Media
* EasyNet/UK Online/Sky
* PlusNet
* Demon
* TalkTalk

- then you need to try the link, and if it doesn't work, contact your
ISP and ask WTF.

This is likely to hit the papers soon. BIG FUSS. We (the community and
the Foundation and everyone) need to know the precise parameters of
whatever's going on.

- d.

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... by transparent proxying on some ISPs, not others.

Surmise is that it's because of the album cover on
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Killer (the page about the
Scorpions album "Virgin Killer") - some people can't acces the page.
The image is distasteful but not (AFAIK) actually illegal (yet). And
is also famous and encyclopedic in itself.

Practical upshot is that every user on *some* ISPs has been put
through one of just two IPs. This means that vandal blocks have
widespread collateral damage.

(I'm on Zen and I can get to the page and image.)

The question now is: how do we find out what the hell is going on, and
who has done this?

Somewhat confusing page about the matter from the admins' noticeboard,
where the admins try to work out wtf:


- d.

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