2009/1/24 Andrew Turvey <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> The UK government are currently running a consultation on "Developing a
> Copyright Agenda for the 21st century" The website is here:
> http://www.ipo.gov.uk/pro-types/pro-copy/c-notice/c-notice-2008/c-notice-2008-consultation.htm
> and the deadline for responses is 6th February.
> Andrew
Hmm I'll send them a response this weekend.

"Q. Does the current system provide the right balance between
commercial certainty and the rights of creators and creative artist? Are
creative artists sufficiently rewarded/protected through their existing

I suspect that is probably related to looking to extend the 50 year
term on recordings. FWIW as far as wikipedia is concerned no since
database rights produce significant commercial certainty while
reducing the rights of of creators and creative artists.

"Q. Does the current copyright system provide the right incentives to
sustain investment and support creativity? Is this true for both creative
artists and commercial rights holders? Is this true for physical and
online exploitation? Are those who gain value from content paying for
it (on fair and reasonable terms)?"

Not sure what they are getting at here. ISP action against file sharing?

"Q. What action, if any, is needed to address issues related to
authentication? In considering the rights of creative artists and other
rights holders is there a case for differentiation? If so, how might we
avoid introducing a further complication in an already complicated

At a guess I'd say this is related to the orphan works issue and
looking to adopt the "disenfranchise the little guy" approach. Either
that or DRM.


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