Wikimedia UK has been invited to send one or two representatives to a meeting 
of all the chapters in Berlin from 3-5 April 2009. Given our finances, the 
Board decided that we wouldn't be able to finance this but the German Wikimedia 
has agreed to look into funding the travel and accommodation costs for one or 
possibly two people.

They have asked that chapters send representatives who are members of the 
Board. However, we've pencilled in 28 March for our AGM when the new Board will 
be elected and we will have to book the flight tickets before the AGM.

We would like to ask people their suggestions as to the best way forward. 
Should we restrict it to current Board members, or is it reasonable to say that 
anyone who puts themself forward as a candidate would be acceptable to go? 

Is there anyone on this list who would be interested in going?

Please let me know what you think,


 Andrew Turvey
Wikimedia UK
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