2009/2/10 Andrew Turvey <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> We would like to ask people their suggestions as to the best way forward.
> Should we restrict it to current Board members, or is it reasonable to say
> that anyone who puts themself forward as a candidate would be acceptable to
> go?

It's probably worth pointing out that at the moment less than 7 people
have expressed an interest in standing for the 7 seats on the board,
so chances are good that anyone that stands will get elected (they
would still need 50% support, of course, but I don't think anyone is
unpopular enough to fail that requirement in an uncontested election).

That said, is anyone on this list thinking of standing that hasn't
mentioned it already?

I think it's important that we decide who to send sooner rather than
later (tickets get more expensive as time goes on, for a start). That
means if we're going to send a current board member we need one that
can guarantee they'll be available on those dates (if memory serves,
only one current board member that is intending to stand again has
said they could make it, and that was only a "probably").

> Is there anyone on this list who would be interested in going?

As I said on IRC last week, I'll volunteer. It's during my Easter
holiday, so I'll have no problem attending.

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