That particlar image is not GFDL, It is (I believe) this image:

The license says "The copyright holder of this file allows anyone to use it
for any purpose, provided that credit is given and copyright is
attributed..", so it is certainly a violation of Marko Petrovic's copyright.

I don't think that the violation is malicious, just them being slighty lazy
and assuming the copyright lies with "wikipedia", they are not trying to
claim it as their own. Therefore the first thing would probably be to write
them an email pointing out their error and asking them to amend the page.


2009/2/24 AndrewRT <>

> Just reading the news online and came across this article:
> Look closely and you can see the picture cites "wikipedia"
> I know pictures often cite "AFP" like that - but is this enough under
> the GDFL? If not, what is the procedure for reporting copyright
> abuses?
> Andrew
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