2009/3/2 Andrew Turvey <ratur...@yahoo.co.uk>:
> Now that we have our bank account open, we are putting the finishing touches 
> to the agenda for the AGM. We have previous talked about inviting an 
> interesting speaker/s to pull the crowds, as it were, and inspire our 
> activities for the year ahead.
> What are you ideas for people you'd like to hear? Ideas previously discussed 
> include:
> - Prominent open source community people - Linux/Creative Commons?
> - Other people who have set up successful chapters - e.g. Germany, 
> Netherlands, Switzerland
> - People involved in Wikimedia things here - e.g. David on media relations or 
> Andrew on Wikipedia for Schools

Things that can be organised quickly! The conference idea will start
properly next year. If you can find someone that wants to give a short
talk, it would be nice to have something a little less dry than voting
on rather technical resolutions! If you want to find someone quickly,
it's probably best to look within the Wikimedia community.

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