Is anyone planning on attending Wikimania 2009 in Buenos Aires? I will
be if I can get a scholarship [1], and was also thinking someone
should talk about WMUK. So I was planning to submit an "open space
discussion" [2] about the chapter, which would be a chance to talk
about some of the things we've done (or will have done by then) and
discuss the chapter with the wider community. (The other formats -
presentation and panel - seem overly formal and not as flexible,
moreover I don't think I can prepare the application in time for their
earlier deadline of the 15th!) The deadline for open space discussion
submissions is the 30th April.

So, is anyone planning to attend, and would they be interested in
joining this endeavour? Or has anyone submitted a similar application
that I don't know about?

It would of course also be a great opportunity to learn more about
Wikimania, in preparation for *fingers crossed* 2010

Pete / the wub

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[2] -

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