Hi all,

At the last meeting, Tango made the good suggestion that I start  
sending out summaries of the board meetings, including the  
interesting points and questions that we would like your views on.  
This email is the first of those - I'll endeavour to send these out  
closer to the board meeting in future (i.e. within ~ 24 hours of the  

The bullet point summary of the interesting parts of the meeting (and  
some points from previous meetings) is:
- Seddon is in discussion with the Manchester Tourist Board with an  
eye to bidding for Wikimania 2013 in Manchester
- Seddon and Steve Virgin are looking for potential locations for the  
WMUK conference to be held with our next AGM
- Steve is also pursuing leads for collaboration with companies/other  
- We now have a Paypal account which you can donate to - see http:// 
- We will be sending our response to HMRC soon.  We're also  
soliciting pro bono lawyers.

We'd like your views on the following questions:

How widely available should the Register of Members be amongst the  
Board? We now have an internal board wiki which we currently have the  
Register of Members on, such that it is available to all of the  
Board. Does anyone have any objections to this?

How many of the Board should have access to the Paypal account? We  
ask this because Paypal lets anyone with access to the account make  
transactions (e.g. buying things off eBay), and if we set up a direct  
debit link to our bank account this potentially means that there is a  
way around the current system requiring two signatures for  
expenditures. Something similar exists with access to the account via  
online banking. Would it be worth us making a resolution that states  
that approval from the board (either via a board meeting, or email)  
must be obtained prior to any outgoing transactions via online  
banking or paypal?

Mike Peel

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