2009/6/6 Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net>:
> How widely available should the Register of Members be amongst the
> Board? We now have an internal board wiki which we currently have the
> Register of Members on, such that it is available to all of the
> Board. Does anyone have any objections to this?

I see no problem with that. All officers of the company obviously have
a duty to respect the privacy of members, I trust the board to fulfil
that duty.

> How many of the Board should have access to the Paypal account? We
> ask this because Paypal lets anyone with access to the account make
> transactions (e.g. buying things off eBay), and if we set up a direct
> debit link to our bank account this potentially means that there is a
> way around the current system requiring two signatures for
> expenditures. Something similar exists with access to the account via
> online banking. Would it be worth us making a resolution that states
> that approval from the board (either via a board meeting, or email)
> must be obtained prior to any outgoing transactions via online
> banking or paypal?

Has anyone asked Paypal about this? We aren't the only charity with a
paypal account, and it is standard practice for charities to require
multiple signatures for transactions, so we can't be the first people
to have this problem.

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