Promising extract from the Executive Summary: 

"79 Public Service data and content play an increasingly important role in the 
digital economy. The Government has embraced the vision of the Power of 
Information Task Force and, in respect of important data sources for 
such as geospatial data, agencies are significantly improving access to data 
clearer licensing pathways from innovation to large scale commercial use. 

80 Government commissioning represents a third of the total investment in 
professional UK online content. Despite existing guidance many public online 
commissions still prohibit the re-use of IP. This leads to wasteful warehousing 
of rights. NESTA will pilot a simplified IP framework for digital media 
together PACT, the Cabinet Office, Kew Gardens and Arts Council England." 

The Power of Information Task Force sounds interesting - it includes Tom 
Steinberg from MySociety (publishers of 

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> Has anyone had a read of the Carter Report that's been in the news today. I 
> wondered if there are any opportunities there for pressing open knowledge? 
> One quote stood out: "Britain is going to lead the world. This is us taking 
> the next step into the future, being the digital capital of the world" 
> Could that include being the open knowledge capital of the world? 
> Andrew 
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