A few opportunities are coming up for members who may be willing to speak on 
behalf of the chapter in lunchtime meetings, conferences etc or as 
interviewees. We will sometimes, but not always, be able to pay for travel and 
subsistence expenses. 

This is a great way of helping the chapter spread the word about the things we 
do and it also gives you good exposure in public speaking and raises your 
profile among media circles. 

If you are interested in volunteering for this, please could you email me the 
following details: 

- what experience you have in public speaking, if any 
- what experience you have with Wikimedia projects, including any roles such as 
- what is your availability (location/times) 
- what kind of events you would like to help with 
- how you would like to be contacted 

I will be putting these details (minus the contact details) on the wiki at 
uk.wikimedia.org/Speakers - if you want it to be kept confidential please let 
me know and I will put it on board.wikimedia.org/Speakers instead. 

Alternatively please feel free to add yourself to the wiki directly. 

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