Andrew Turvey wrote:
> Following a discussion after the Board, someone suggested putting up a
> "geonotice" on Wikipedia watchlists to advertise the chapter's activities.
> Looking through the archive they seem quite happy to publish even
> monthly meetups, so I'd like to suggest that we do one now, along the
> lines of:
> "Wikimedia UK are currently recruiting volunteers for three new
> [[wmuk:Initiatives|initiatives]]. Please help us support open
> knowledge in the UK"
> (too long I know - suggestions gratefully received)
> Is it worth putting in a request like this?
> Andrew
It is my belief that it generated some interest on the Wikimedia-SF list
when we did such a thing; so yes, I think it's probably worth it.

Cary Bass
Volunteer Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation

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