2009/7/22 Andrew Turvey <andrewrtur...@googlemail.com>:
> Following a discussion after the Board, someone suggested putting up a
> "geonotice" on Wikipedia watchlists to advertise the chapter's activities.
> Looking through the archive they seem quite happy to publish even monthly
> meetups, so I'd like to suggest that we do one now, along the lines of:
> "Wikimedia UK are currently recruiting volunteers for three new
> [[wmuk:Initiatives|initiatives]]. Please help us support open knowledge in
> the UK"
> (too long I know - suggestions gratefully received)
> Is it worth putting in a request like this?

As I said on IRC, hold off on that. We can't bombard people with too
many notices, so we need to wait and work out what we want to say. I'm
investigating the possibility of using geonotices for a fundraising
drive, so let me finish that before you start carrying out conflicting

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