At 18:49 +0100 25/8/09, David Gerard wrote:
>2009/8/25 David Gerard <>:
>>  Radio 5 Live just called, they want to do a piece on the "flagged
>>  revisions" media buzz on today's drivetime show. I'll be on by phone
>>  around 6:50pm BST (17:50 UTC).
>Anita whatsit's intro was "Wikipedia is locking down o noez, editors
>up in arms" - I hopefully corrected it, said we were doing it with
>great caution after occasional long waits for approval on de:wp, that
>it was only for BLPs, and that editors were concerned about taking
>away the instant editing thing and long bottlenecks. And that it was
>in testing at the moment, probably live within the next coupla months.
>- d.

End of an era...

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