2009/8/30 Paul Williams <paul.willi...@wikimedia.org.uk>:
> 1) What would encourage you to become a member of Wikimedia UK?

First hurdle would definitely be finding out that the chapter exists.
Next would be finding out what the chapter does and what I would get
out of joining.

> 2) What would encourage you to remain a member of Wikimedia UK (renew your
> membership)?

Regular communication from the chapter so I don't feel forgotten and
can see that the chapter is doing good stuff. The monthly newsletters
are an excellent start there. I wouldn't worry too much about this bit
until we see what the renewal rate is like when the first memberships
come up from renewal. We only need to do anything if it is low. Once
someone joins we have their name and address and can easily harass
them into renewing their membership if we need to! Once we have direct
debits set up so renewal is automatic that should remove all reason to

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