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> Hi, all,
> According to the school project we set up, (check here if you need
> more information
> http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Initiatives/Schools_project), I have
> discussed the possibility with the head of sixth forum, she suggested
> two things. one is we need some documents to prove that "Wikipedia and
> relevant projects have affected school age students on some way",
> which will give more sense to committee who can accept us to host the
> workshop on schools. Second, we need more detail proposal to explain
> our school project and the content of workshop.
> I can complete the proposal with cooperating to others. However, I am
> wondering that any one has resource about how Wikipedia and relevant
> projects influence school students? anything is helpful, reports,
> survey, blog and academic articles?

Cormac can give you the "more dry" academic stuff; that might depend on
the audience.

The more populist stuff is Wikipedia for schools[1], the announcement of
the 08/09 version[2]. Wikinews coverage of the 08/09 version being

I can probably dig up contact addresses for Andrew and Mary from
*somewhere* in my address book.


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