2009/12/1 Douglas Gardner <microchi...@btinternet.com>:

> From a personal point of view, having a really whacky colour would be nice
> -- like a vibrant pink logo, √° la Amnesty International's colour schemes
> (but WMUK :)).  However, I doubt that the Wikimedia Identity Guidelines
> would let us.
> Perhaps a logo such as [love needed], although that's more of an inside
> joke? There's some alternative fundraising banners floating around at Meta
> that we could adapt if we wanted slogans. A WMUK logo with a monospace "<3",
> as we're internet based, washed out in the background?
> http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Wikimedia_visual_identity_guidelines

If we come up with rough consensus on something plausible, it wouldn't
hurt to at least ask WMF about a logo variant.

- d.

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