Thanks to everyone for the advice and links.


I guessed this sort of thing wouldn’t be as easy as one might hope.


If they get back to me I now have some pointers to give them and excellent 
people to put them in touch with.




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Thanks Fae,

If this does come off and you have a residue of awkward to categorise ones I 
might be available to sort them out if you can get them in a separate temporary 
category. I helped WMIE with Wiki Loves monuments last year and have nearly 
finshed the English residue of this years Wiki Loves Monuments.


On 14 October 2016 at 12:29, Fæ <> wrote:

Rod, I'd be happy to help with a call/video meeting, or to run the
modest-sized batch upload when they are ready. The numbers mentioned
may take just a day or two to upload. At this moment I'm the most
active Commons uploader of GLAM media, the can see examples at

As Jonathan implies, the upload itself may be a bit technically
challenging, but is not especially intellectually challenging for the
institution. The hard part is the early spadework; examining the
collection and ensuring that the metadata is reliably consistent,
working out how to do some auto-categorization without potentially
'spamming' Commons categories, that the best use is made of Commons
templates by intelligently mapping metadata to fields, and that the
various copyright scenarios are hammered out in advance.

The last issue of copyright may be as simple as applying the
no-copyright-known template, or it may need a bit of programmer magic
to automatically map copyright licenses based on metadata, and weed
out images that may be challenged under our strict Commons policies of
there being "no significant doubt". It's better to have those
discussions early, rather than have multiple deletion requests to
manage downstream.


On 14 October 2016 at 09:15, Jonathan Cardy <> wrote:
> Fæ would be my first suggestion for a mass upload if he is available and the
> collection is suitable. But reading through that link I'm not sure we can
> use that collection. Apparently it was started forty years ago by a curator
> who invited people to bring in historic photos and lend them to the museum
> to make a copy.
> I'm sure that's fine for the Museum to use. But I wouldn't care to argue on
> Commons that this constitutes a CC-BY-SA 3 licence for all those images.
> Hopefully there will be a subset which can be dated early enough to argue
> PD. Maybe there are some where the rights owner can be traced, but I'd
> suspect there will be a lot of photographers from an era where some will
> have died long enough ago to make it difficult to trace the heirs, and
> others may even still be with us. At some point in the future no doubt we
> can import the lot, provided a digital copy is still extant.
> Another reason why the movement needs a sealed repository from which stuff
> can be migrated when it is out of copyright.
> Depending on the age range of the images and the quality of the metadata
> there could be a useful proportion that would be safe to upload. It all
> depends on the ratio of "my grandfather died in 1880 and left us this
> collection" to "my grandfather died in 1980 and left us this collection".
> On 14 Oct 2016, at 08:18, <> <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have just spotted an announcement of a historic photograph digitisation
> project by the friends of the Somerset Life Museum Research Group (see
> )
> aiming to digitise 15,000 images.
> I have made an initial contact asking about licencing and sharing and
> mentioned “mass uploads” but I know very little about this. I believe there
> have been some people who have done this for/with other GLAMS and/or
> developed tools to handle this. Who would be the best person to put them in
> touch with if they come back to me and they are willing to release under a
> suitable licence?
> Rod
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