As part of the Project Tiger Community Review Team, we are glad to announce
the list of laptop recipients.

* 50 Wikimedians will receive laptops. 45 among them have 1000+ edits.
* They belong to 16 different Indian language Wikipedia communities.
* 11 among them are females (22% of recipients).

All applicants with 100+ global edits and at least one endorsement were
considered eligible to be reviewed. The selection principle was to look at
Activity (edits) followed by Trust (endorsements) and decide based on one's
Need for the support. This meant that people who had no (contributing from
a mobile) or only limited access (contributing from office) to a system
were given priority over others who needed an additional/better laptop for
various needs.

A basic model Chromebook will be given as one-time support. The recipients
can keep them forever without returning it to CIS-A2K or fellow community
members. This support is offered assuming good faith in order to empower
each recipient's contribution to the best of their ability. We encourage
fellow community members to welcome them as usual.

Each recipient will be contacted through their talk pages and contact email
address given on the application form. We plan to disperse the laptops
before the end of March 2018. Please contact tito at cis-india.org or
tanveer at cis-india.org if you need clarification or leave a message in
the talk page.

More details and full list of recipients are available at


Dhaval S. Vyas
Manavpreet Kaur
Yohann Thomas
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