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> Good to know. I consulted the website of ABBYY and it say one option is an
> "Open license for local use on workstations", but I guess it's not a FLOSS
> license, unfortunately.
Not at all, read more carefully, this license is available only when you
already purchased more than 50 licenses (
https://www.abbyy.com/en-ca/finereader/licensing/ ) so at least 5000 € IIRC.

> By the way, what is the state of the affair regarding Indic languages?
I left that one for people more acquainted with that but it seems to work

> Do we have a central page documenting existing OCR pipeline used by the
> wikisource community?
Not that I know of.
And AFAIK, each Wikisource and Wikisourcerer have different systems
(sometimes small differences but sometimes big differences).

> What should I say to a contributor which come to me asking "I have this
> old PD book in my personnal library that I would like to digitalize, share
> and proofread in Wikisource, where should I start?". Do we have an online
> service, for example on tool labs, which enable to either upload or simply
> input url of a facsimile and that launch the OCR for example backed on
> tesseract?
There is BUB https://tools.wmflabs.org/bub/ but only for certains websites.

> Shouldn't we update our roadmap[1], or is there a more up to date document
> elsewhere?
Whe should write a new document.

Cdlt, ~nicolas
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