This is a good point, and we certainly don't want contests to encourage people to mark pages as proofread or validated too hastily.

I think the main guard against this is that scores will not be exposed until contest admin chooses to, and after they have had a chance to go through a sample of each person's edits to make sure they're not cheating. And of course, the normal on-wiki processes still apply, to catch edits that are not good.

As far as not scoring for e.g. template reorganising etc. I'm not sure that's going to be very easy at all! :) But if anyone's got any ideas, let us know. But we could do something about counting edit size maybe? Although, especially in validating, larger edits don't necessarily mean they should be worth more points.

We could subtract points for any edits post-validatation, rather than (as it is now) just for demotions (I'm not sure how many people demote pages from validated, compared to how many just fix them and leave them as validated).

On 22/06/18 20:00, wrote:
Maybe a bit OT, but did anybody consider to analyze how many corrections / how much content a user changes his/her edits? As we (in focus on text quality, it would be appreciated to score higher the edits with corrections than edits with no correction ("no errors found"). I understand that it is hard to create such tool, especially if automatic corrections (eg. <br /> -> <br> or template parameter reorganization should be ignored), but maybe, somebody has an idea how to to do this?
PS. We do not participate in this contest in its current form because some of our users are afraid that this will lower the text quality (users might prefer just to update the status without careful checking the content, just declaring that "no errors found"; and it is hard to identify such users/edits). W dniu 2018-06-22 09:29:45 użytkownik Rachmat W. <> napisał:

    Thank you, Sam!
    We would like to utilize this tool in the Wikisource contest later. :)
    Kind regards,
    On Jun 22, 2018, 07:08 +0700, Sam Wilson <>, wrote:

        Hi all,

        After chatting with User:CristianCantoro at the Barcelona
        hackathon, I
        had a crack at a web frontend for the wscontest tool. It is now

        It's not quite done, there's a bunch of things to be fixed, but is
        functioning to some extent. I've started a list of its issues at


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