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> The material is under CC BY 4.0 but Wikisource is using CC BY-SA 3.0. (so
> the problem is the version number) The argument is, that CC licenses are
> "forward compatible" but not "retro compatible". So it is OK to put CC BY
> 3.0 material into CC BY 4.0 repository, but not the opposite.
> In the meantime I have found, that another Wikisources are collecting
> materials under CC BY 4.0, like
> https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Category:CC_attribution_4.0

Note that Wikipedia uses many images under a variety of licenses, including
CC BY 4.0 and fair use. An entire Wikipedia is not covered under any single
license. Likewise, an entire Wikisource is not covered under a single
is covered under the CC-BY-4.0 independently of any license the rest of
Wikisource is covered by. It's mere aggregation, not making a derivative
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