There has been an issue with the image intensity of PDF being too high for thumbnail generation which I believe that some have solved by resampling at a lower rate. There was some discussion in English WS's Scriptorium within the past half year where people were asking for fixes, if you want the full detail.

-- billinghurst

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On September 16, ten days ago, I got a relapse and started to
contribute to Wikisource again. I found some nice PDF files
and uploaded them to Commons, a total of 81 issues of the
official gazette of Finland from the winter 1878. I have
since then been proofreading several pages from the first
week of March (when the peace at San Stefano was signed), e.g.änna_Tidning_1878-03-05

But previews (thumbnails) have been generated for none of these
81 PDF files. I am able to proofread the text (embedded in the PDF)
only because I keep local copies of the PDFs that I can view.änna_Tidning_1878

On September 17, I asked about this problem on the Help desk,
and a kind person registered the problem in Phabricator,
but then nothing has happened in more than a week.
So there is not only a problem in generating thumbnails, but
also in responding to a reported problem.

I don't even know if there is a technical problem with the
PDF files I uploaded or if this is a temporary technical
problem on Commons. (But since I can view the local files,
I assume the files are okay.)

--   Lars Aronsson (
  Linköping, Sweden

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