On September 16, ten days ago, I got a relapse and started to
contribute to Wikisource again. I found some nice PDF files
and uploaded them to Commons, a total of 81 issues of the
official gazette of Finland from the winter 1878. I have
since then been proofreading several pages from the first
week of March (when the peace at San Stefano was signed), e.g.

But previews (thumbnails) have been generated for none of these
81 PDF files. I am able to proofread the text (embedded in the PDF)
only because I keep local copies of the PDFs that I can view.

On September 17, I asked about this problem on the Help desk,
and a kind person registered the problem in Phabricator,
but then nothing has happened in more than a week.
So there is not only a problem in generating thumbnails, but
also in responding to a reported problem.

I don't even know if there is a technical problem with the
PDF files I uploaded or if this is a temporary technical
problem on Commons. (But since I can view the local files,
I assume the files are okay.)

  Lars Aronsson (l...@aronsson.se)
  Linköping, Sweden

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