Hello tech ambassadors,

Maybe you or someone in your wiki communities is interested in this call
for candidates to form the first Code of Conduct Committee for Wikimedia
technical spaces. We want to reach out to a wide variety of profiles and
that includes e.g. bug reporters and other technical volunteers interested
in bots, gadgets, templates, MediaWiki...

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Dear Wikimedia technical community members,


The review of the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces has been
completed and now it is time to bootstrap its first committee. The
Technical Collaboration team is looking for five candidates to form the
Committee plus five additional auxiliary members. One of them could be you
or someone you know!

You can propose yourself as a candidate and you can recommend others
*privately* at
techconductcandidates AT wikimedia DOT org

We want to form a very diverse list of candidates reflecting the variety of
people, activities, and spaces in the Wikimedia technical community. We are
also open to other candidates with experience in the field. Diversity in
the Committee is also a way to promote fairness and independence in their
decisions. This means that no matter who you are, where you come from, what
you work on, or for how long, you are a potential good member of this

The main requirements to join the Committee are a will to foster an open
and welcoming community and a commitment to making participation in
Wikimedia technical projects a respectful and harassment-free experience
for everyone. The committee will handle reports of unacceptable behavior,
will analyze the cases, and will resolve on them according to the Code of
Conduct. The Committee will also handle proposals to amend the Code of
Conduct for the purpose of increasing its efficiency. The term of this
first Committee will be one year.

Once we have a list of 5 + 5 candidates, we will announce it here for
review. You can learn more about the Committee and its selection process at
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Code_of_Conduct/Committee and you can ask
questions in the related Talk page (preferred) or here.

You can also track the progress of this bootstrapping process at

PS: We have many technical spaces and reaching to all people potentially
interested is hard! Please help spreading this call.

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation
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