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Latest *tech news
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News>* from the
Wikimedia technical community. Please tell other users about these changes.
Not all changes will affect you. Translations
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2018/08> are

*Recent changes*

   - The explanation of the abbreviations on the recent changes page could
   overlap with the list of changes. This has been fixed. [1]
   - You can now see statistics
   <https://stats.wikimedia.org/v2/#/all-projects> for pageviews per wiki
   per country. You can see this on maps or in a table. [3]


   - Linter
   <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Extension:Linter> is
   reporting estimated counts instead of actual counts for some wikis. This is
   because of performance problems. You might notice a false higher number in
   linter counts for some categories. This will be fixed as soon as the
   performance problem has been fixed. [4]
   - Last week the way that Visual Editor displays references lists was
   changed. As a result, the references generated by specific templates like
    {{sfn}} are not visible in the references list whilst editing. [5]

*Changes later this week*

   - [image: Recurrent item] The new version
   <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_1.31/wmf.22> of MediaWiki will
   be on test wikis and MediaWiki.org from 20 February. It will be on
   non-Wikipedia wikis and some Wikipedias from 21 February. It will be on all
   wikis from 22 February (calendar


   - [image: Recurrent item] You can join the next meeting with the Editing
   team. During the meeting, you can tell developers which bugs you think are
   the most important. The meeting will be on 20 February at 19:30 (UTC)
   See how to join
   - [image: Advanced item] You can join the technical advice meeting on
   IRC. During the meeting, volunteer developers can ask for advice. The
   meeting will be on 21 February at 16:00 (UTC)
   See how to join

*Future changes*

   - The way edit summaries and log comments are stored in the database is
   being changed. In the future this will make longer comments possible
   <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T6714>. [7]
   - Edit conflicts could be solved in a different way in the future. You
   can test a new prototype

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