Morning Design Team,

I've had a quick look at the usage stats from Miraheze for the last 21 days
and I'm seeing around 5.5% of traffic using Opera.

Opera isn't a well used but still fairly popular browser and I'm not sure I
believe it's got less 0.1% of traffic for Wikimedia. Where has this data
come from?

I have no objection to dropping IE but I do note that it's still about 0.5%
for us today. I haven't had time to look at Edge legacy data.


On Tue, 14 May 2024 at 10:44, <> wrote:

> I very strongly object to dropping Opera. Opera's market share is a lot
> more than 0.1% on other stats services, there must be something wrong with
> the detection code. Opera is very popular in Africa and Eastern Europe, and
> has a lot of users with the Opera GX gaming browser as well. There are also
> multiple Opera versions as well on a large range of mobile devices. Opera
> Mini should still be supported as it is useful in areas of the world where
> data is expensive or slow. I hope you do some more studies and consider
> keeping Opera support.
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