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> The real problem however is extensions. For some reason it appears that we 
> STILL have extensions depending on sajax. And I'm not talking about ancient 
> extensions on the wiki or in svn. I only did an ack through stuff that's 
> currently in git.
> So I welcome anyone who is interested in going through extension code and 
> eliminating the use of sajax in favor of jQuery.ajax and RL.

Also note that in various cases these are not just frontend legacy problems, 
backend as well. Meaning, AjaxDispatcher.

Invoked through index.php?action=ajax&rs=efFooBar&rsargs[]=param&rsargs[]=param.

Though blindly replacing sajax would allow us to remove it from core, it would 
be very much worth it to give these extensions a good look and update them in 
general (to make it use API modules, ResourceLoader modules, and following 
current conventions for front-end code with mw and jQuery).

-- Krinkle

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