On 04/10/12 03:18, Daniel Friesen wrote:
> sajax is an ancient ajax library, it's part of our legacy code. And it
> still gets to sneak a license note into our README.
> It's probably about time that we start making sure that code is ready
> for the day it disappears. Just as code shouldn't be relying on bits
> and pieces of wikibits.
> Currently the only parts of core that depend on sajax are the legacy
> mwsuggest and upload.js.
> mwsuggest is going to disappear when Krinkle's work making
> simplesearch's suggestions work universally is finished.
> I'm not sure what's going on with upload.js.
> The real problem however is extensions. For some reason it appears
> that we STILL have extensions depending on sajax. And I'm not talking
> about ancient extensions on the wiki or in svn. I only did an ack
> through stuff that's currently in git.
> So I welcome anyone who is interested in going through extension code
> and eliminating the use of sajax in favor of jQuery.ajax and RL.

It's a fair bit easier to implement a Sajax/AjaxDispatcher callback
than it is to implement an API module, mostly because of the API's
dual role as both an internal interface and a public interface for
external developers. So you can see why extension developers writing
internal interfaces would be hesitant to choose the API route.

sajax_do_call() is only 163 lines. Why not just rewrite it to use
jquery.ajax? Just because it's called sajax_do_call() doesn't mean it
actually has to *be* Sajax.

-- Tim Starling

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