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> On 05/22/2014 09:25 PM, James Forrester wrote:
>> Possibly, though I would suggest that it is not loaded by default. Frankly
>> if an extension's authors have abandoned their extension to the extent
>> that
>> after several years' clear warning and a six month-long notice period they
>> still didn't do a relatively trivial set of fixes, then it's reasonable to
>> make it necessary for sysadmins to make a (small) effort acknowledging
>> that
>> this code is toxic and should only be used if you're willing to wade into
>> "here be dragons" territory.
> What notice period are you referring to?

I don't recall; probably the announcement at the architecture summit?

There have been a number of high-profile semi-announcements as well as
comments and code reviews relating to this, most obviously this one:


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